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When you visit our website, data and information about you are collected, to adapt and optimize our content and advertisement., to ensure that you have the best experience possible. If you do not wish that we do not gather any information from you or your device, please leave this website and delete all your local cookies. Below here we have shared the detailed information about which datas we collect when you use our website.


The website use “cookies”, which is a text based file on your local device. The main objective with the cookie, is to remember your settings and tell our webshop that it is you who are revisiting. It also helps us to do statistics and target our advertisement better.If you delete or deactivate cookies, the website might not work properly.

The website contains cookies from third party collectors, such as Google and Facebook.

Personal information


Personal information are all types of information, that in one or another circumstance can be redirected to you as a person. When you use our website we collect and use such data. It can occur when just visiting the website, or if you sign up for a newsletter, sign up for a competition, if you register a user profile or if you create an order or pre-order in our webshop.

Usually we will collect and process following types of data about you: A unique ID and technical information about the computer or device, IP-adresses, geographical position and which certain pages/products you like. If you type in your informations in any contact or order formula, these informations will also be processed.


We strive to upkeep the safety of any informations shared or obtained on our website, to prevent any data or information leaking to unwanted sources. 

Why we collect data

The informations and data we collect, are used to both identify you as a customer, if returning, and also to make sure that the advertisement we might run, are as targeted and relevant as possible. This is also true for newsletters and our content in general.

Data collection period / Dumptime

All informations are keept within the timeframes currently set for keeping data for the purposes we promote in our privacy policy.

Sharing of the informations

Data about you’re usage of the website, the advertisement you react to, geographic position, sex, age and likewise informations are shared with third party platforms. The platforms are named in the chapter concerning Cookies.

We also use a series of third party partners to safekeep and process the data and information. These partners solely process the data in our interest, and are not allowed to use any information or data in any other way.

Any passing of personal informations, like name and email, will only happen if you give us full credit to do so. We use data processors in EU or countries, which can guarentee a certain safety level for your informations.

Claims and contact.

It is in you’re right to be informed about which personal informations we process about you. At any point in time, it is in you’re right to contact us and reclaim your acceptance of us using your informations or data. Please contact if you wish for us to edit or remove you’re informations or data.